Join Us for Osaka Marathon 2024 Charity!


Free The Children Japan(FTCJ) is proud to announce that we are a charity partner at the Osaka Marathon, on Feburuary 25, 2024! 
Join us as a runner or support the charity runner to
 empower children in many countries!


The purpose of Osaka Marathon Charity Runner is to spread understand to charity activity of Osaka Marathon and movement of charity. When you run, you wear original charity T-Shirt and appeal the above purposes.

(see more details at official website)

Application Period: September 26, 2023 – November 17, till 5:00PM (JST) or will close when the maximum of 20 people is reached.
Fundraising Period: September 26, 2023 –  January 24, 2024, till 5:00PM(JST)
Course Map:

<How Donations Are Used>

We will make the most of your donation to empower children in need in Japan, the Philippines, India and Kenya.

1: Donations will be used to conduct lectures and workshops, develop educational materials, and strengthen organizational structures so that children in Japan can learn about social issues, the SDGs, and wellbeing, and act as proactive change-makers.

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Lecture about Educational issues and SDG4 (at junior high school in Osaka, Jan 22nd 2020)

Educational materials for teachers about the issue of child labour

Experiential lectures on well-being (definition of well-being, self-awareness, anger management, self-affirmation, children’s rights, etc., February/March 2023, at a junior high school in Tokyo, Japan)
The Booklets about well-being(Coming soon, a Japanese version from playbook free distributed in Canada)

The Booklets about well-being(Coming soon, a Japanese version from playbook free distributed in Canada)

2:The program will build and repair schools, distribute educational and medical supplies, and provide scholarships so that impoverished children in the Philippines, India, and Kenya can receive a healthy, safe, and quality education.


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Operation of hospitals and distribution of medical supplies in Kenya
Provision of educational materials to children from poor families in India 2021
Mindanao, Philippines, rebuilding a school building from an old school building that was deteriorating severely, 2021-2022
Currently, we’re also fundraising for rebuilding student’s bathroom in this elementary school. 

How to entry


  • Residents of Japan who were born before April 1, 2005 are eligible to enter the Charity Runner.
    If you do not meet the above criteria, please make a donation to the Charity Runners; to make a donation through Syncable, please see below or click here. To donate via Syncable, please refer below or click here.
  • Charity runners may be interviewed by the media.
  • To enter the Osaka Marathon 2024 Charity Runner, the following procedures are required.
  • No cancellations are allowed after registration.
    If you are unable to run the Osaka Marathon 2024 for any reason, donations and entry fees received prior to your absence will not be refunded.
    Substitute runners are also prohibited.
  • Most registration pages are written in Japanese. If necessary, please use a translation application (e.g. Google Translate) at the same time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Other precautions are listed on the official website. (translate by Google Translate).

STEP 1: Register with “Syncable” (for fundraising)

STEP 1-1

Please access following page (Osaka Marathon 2024 Charity Runner for Free the Children Japan Entry Page) and click the green button 「チャリティーランナーにエントリーする」 (Entry for Charity Runner).

Click image to expand
STEP 1-2

If you have never used Syncable before, please sign up before entering. (If you already have a Syncable account, please sign in.)


*If you have already logged in, proceed to step 1-5.
STEP 1-3

If you already have Syncable accout, please click green button 「ログイン」 (Sign in).

If you haven’t used Syncable, please click grean letter 「新規登録」 (Sign up).

STEP 1-4

(If you haven’t used Syncable,) Please enter your information to sign up.

STEP 1-5

Then, please fill in the entry form.

Entry form (1)

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial (only written in Japanese).

The information you provide in this form will be used for your charity page.

If you are having trouble coming up with what to write in the body or summary of your charity page, the following topics may be helpful.

<Topic Examples>

Why are you taking on the Osaka Marathon 2024? Why you want to donate to your chosen organization, episodes, experiences and thoughts related to charity work, and running results to date, etc…

Entry form (2)

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.
STEP 1-6

Once you enter Syncable (open the charity page), you will receive a confirmation email from Syncable.

STEP 2: Register with “RUNNET” (for online runner registration)

This must be done by November 17th (Fri) 2023 17:00 (JST).

STEP 2-1

Access following page (RUNNET Osaka Marathon 2024 entry page) and click the blue button 「エントリー」 (Entry).

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.
STEP 2-2

If you already have RUNNET account, please enter your ID and password and click the black button 「ログイン」 (sign in).

If you have never used RUNNET, please click the yellow button 「新規会員登録」 (Sign up) . Plaese click same button on the bottom of next page.

Please enter your e-mail address (2 times), password (2 times), click the the button 「利用規約に同意する」(Agree to TOS).
*Password must be included number and symbol and more than 8 letters. Capitalize is allowed.


Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.

As some of the subsequent procedures are complicated, please use a translation application (e.g. Google Translate) at the same time to understand each item. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

STEP 2-3

After sign up or sign in, you’ll be redirect to following page (or click following URL).

Please scroll to the bottom, select the category and click the blue button  「エントリー」 (Entry).

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.
STEP 2-4

Then fill out the entry and payment form.

It is recommended that you use a translation application (e.g. Google Translate) at the same time to help you understand each item on the form.

The Charity Page ID can be found in the confirmation email from Syncable. (Please refer to the last 3-4 digits of the charity page URL, STEP 1-6.)

Entry form

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.

Payment Form

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.

The white button 「戻る」 means “back to previous page”,

the blue button 「次のステップへ」 means “go to next page”.

STEP 2-5

Plaese confirm your entry information and click the blue button 「上記の内容で確定」 (Confirm with the above details / Entry and pay).

If you select “Pay by credit card or paypal,” you must also pay the entry fee of 17,000 yen + administrative fee (17,000 x 5.5%).

If you select “Pay by Convenience Store or Cash Dispenser,” you will be asked to pay later.

Screen shot is quoted from official tutorial.

STEP 3: Fundraising

Please share the charity page and show your enthusiasm to as many people as possible and raise at least 70,000 yen (including 1,000 yen donated at the time of entry (see 1-5 above)) by 17:00 (Japan time) on January 24, 2024.

The status of your achievement will be displayed in the upper right corner of the charity page. In this example, it shows 1,000/70,000 yen. This means that he needs to raise at least 69,000 yen.


For your reference, we suggest you take a look at the Charity Runner List. Some charity pages (donations to other organizations) are written in English.


Donations in excess of 70,000 yen will not be accepted, but will allow you to participate in the Osaka Marathon 2024.
Any shortfall will be automatically donated from your credit card.

If the insufficient amount cannot be deducted from your credit card due to insufficient balance or expiration of the card, you will not be able to participate in the Osaka Marathon 2024. (Please note that in this case, the collected donation will not be refunded.)

Step 4: In-person runner registration and participation

STEP 4-1

Check in have to be done on February 23rd or 24th 2024 (each day 11:00-19:30), at Intex Osaka (in the event “Osaka Marathon EXPO 2024”). (Google MAPs)
*There is no reception on the day of Osaka Marathon 2024 (February 25th).
Your formal identification with face photo (e.g. passport, driver’s license card in Japan)  is required.


<Previous runner registration booth> (from official twitter)

STEP 4-2

Join and enjoy the Osaka Marathon 2024! According to the RUNNET Osaka Marathon 2024 entry page, Osaka Marathon 2024 charity runners will start at 9:05 or 9:15. You must reach the goal by 16:05.

While you run, wear the original charity T-shirts (detail) to appeal the movement of charity.

How to donate to charity runner

Access to charity page which you’d like to donate and click the green button 「寄付して支援する」 (Support by donation).

Example page

Select payment method and decide donation amount.

Enter your information.

Lastly, confirm the information you entered and check the agreement, then click the green button 「寄付を実行する」 (Make a donation).

Bottom of confirmation page


If you’d like to donate to our organization, please refer here and follow the process same as above.
If you have any question about this article, please contact us

We look forward to your entry and support!!