【PREDA基金より】人身取引から子どもを救出するフィリピンNGOの職員による性的虐待事件・当該団体の提訴 / Anti-Trafficking NGO Agents Allegedly Sexually Abused Children as Young as 13 Years Old

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PREDA Foundation (Our partner organization in Philippines) posted press release about sexual abusement to young children by Anti-Trafficking NGO Agents.
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Anti-Trafficking NGO Agents Allegedly Sexually Abused Children as Young as 13 Years Old

Through its Executive Director, Emmanuel C. Drewery Preda Foundation has filed a legal case in the Olongapo City Prosecutor’s Office against a Philippine-based organization named Destiny Rescue Pilipinas (affiliate of Destiny Rescue USA) in support of the formal complaints of two child-victims.


Destiny Rescue Pilipinas with address at 140 Matahimik Street, UP Village, Diliman is headed by country head Alwin Laysico () and employs undercover investigators to poise as pimps and coordinate with police agencies (PNP, NBI) to contact human traffickers and invite them to make a deal to bring their victims to a hotel or resort where customers will be waiting to pay large sums of money to engage in sexual activities with the children and young women.


When the stage is set and agreed, then the Destiny Rescue agents give the information, date, time and location of the so-called sex party formally to the Philippine National Police or the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Then the police unit or NBI unit makes the final action of entrapment by giving the marked money to the traffickers and arresting them and rescuing the victims.


However, the child victims of these rescue operations that were referred to the Preda Home for abused and trafficked children revealed that some days after the deal was made and before the sex party and rescue was concluded, the children, one only 13 years of age, had allegedly been taken to hotels by the Destiny Rescue agents and sexually abused while the traffickers waited outside the rooms. 


The affidavits of the Preda executive director and the children in the link below contain detailed information on identities of suspects and explain what happened. Reports of alleged sexual abuse of children from rescue operations in Taguig and Apalit by Destiny Rescue are similar to the abuse committed by rescue operations in Olongapo City.



The Olongapo NBI chief, Attorney Orlando Navallo (+63 921 691 9724) is heading the investigation to identify the undercover agents suspected of abusing the children, the same ones that cooperated with the NBI.


Destiny Rescue Pilipinas is an affiliate of Destiny Rescue USA. The Preda Foundation requested both Destiny Rescue Pilipinas and Destiny Rescue USA for the identity of the suspects and for help to bring them to account but they refused to identify the suspects and they did not offer any help to support the investigation and the abused children. Destiny Rescue Pilipinas has denied knowing the agents in a letter to the PNP.