MDGs India

Hello, I am Sharita doing internship at FTCJ office.

Right now I am collecting data and summarizing the datas presented by the Indian government as their MDGs. There are basically reports on the country’s progress towards MDGs.

Through studying these datas, I was able to learn about the various necessities for development of a country. India which is now recognized as one of the top economy still has many issues regarding health, gender equality, clean water and sanitation services, poverty and hunger,etc. Since, India is a huge country with large population and have states with different resources, development level, geography, people, climate which makes it hard for the government to parallelly develop all states.

Due to the difference in each states, there are some which possibly will be a early achievers of MDGs and some which will be far behind the goals even by 2015. When calculated by country as a whole, the progress seems slow.
Even though there are some among the goals that India is unlikely to achieve within 2015, there is no doubt that the government is doing their best and slowly they are moving towards the goals.

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Furthermore, India is still facing severe problems like child labor. The children are working at industry coping with 45 degrees of heat . These kids are also put in the darkness of illetracy.