Message from Marc & Craig and frineds from India and Philippines for Kumamoto

We got messages from Marc & Craig and staff of our partner NGOs in India and Philippines for victims of Kumamoto Earthquake. We always pray for all victims in Kyushu.

Message from Marc and Craig

The first time I [Craig] visited the Kyushu Island in 2000, I met a remarkable 15-year old girl named Miku, who founded the Kumamoto Chapter of Free The Children Japan. Since then we have had long-time supporters in the region, and they have been incredible in our youth empowerment movement. We’re deeply grateful for all the support and championing from the youth of the Kumamoto Chapter.

We were deeply saddened to hear that Kumamoto was struck by an earthquake recently. As such, we wanted to extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to all the victims of the earthquake and their families. Know that our thoughts are with you all as you transverse the long road to recovery. Please stay safe during this difficult time and know that you are all certainly at the top of our thoughts.

Your Free The Children family is sending all our love, support, and deepest sympathies.


Marc and Craig

It was very sad to hear about two earthquakes hitting. Please let us know about the situation.
We know the country and its people  is very strong and capable enough to handle such situation.

We pray for speedy recovery from the damages. All over the world is being hit by earthquakes even in kolkata last week.
Be safe and be well.


Swapan Mukherjee
CCD (NGO in West Bengal, India)