Our Crowd Funding has been achieved!ーPhilippine National School for the Blind – Dormitory Roof repair/School bus project

Crowd Funding of Support project for the People with Disabilities in the Philippines has succeeded to gather more than 8 million yen. Thanks for your donation, we can start rehabilitation of the dormitory of Philippine National School for the Blind and can buy a Braille printer.


The average rate of enrollment for primary  education in the Philippines has recently reached 96% nationwide. In stark  contrast only 5% of visually impaired children are enrolled in school. In Japan alone there are more than 70  schools designated for the visually impaired. In the Philippines there are only  two. Of the two, only one school, the Philippine National School for the  blind  provides the newly mandated 11th  and 12th grade education.


Being the only school in the nation to offer  visually impaired students upper level education, the Philippines National  School for the Blind understandably has a long list of applicants hoping to  attend. Currently 96 students are using the schools dormitory which, at 46  years old, is crowded and because of the poor condition of its roof,  temperatures inside reach 35 degrees Celsius or higher on a regular basis.


In addition, the school has only one Braille printer in spite of it has 144 students. Therefore, the students have difficulty to get enough reading materials in Braille.


In order to help visually impaired students  in the Philippines continue to receive a proper education, Free the Children Japan have done Crowd Funding from November 17 to February 15 for rehabilitation of the dormitory and buying a new Braille printer.


We are really appreciated for your help.