New classroom constructed in Indian village!

On 5 August, a new school building in ‘Beldara Village Primary and Secondary School’ was completed in Beldara Village, Rajsamand District, Rajasthan, India, one of the regions we work in.
The school was built with donations from the ‘School by School’, a humanitarian club from Momoyama Gakuin High School in Osaka.
Two teachers from Momoyama Gakuin High School were able to attend the opening ceremony.


The motto of this school is ‘To provide high quality education as a public school’, and is a joint primary and secondary school with students from Year 1 to 12 attending. The secondary school is the only secondary school in the village. Previously, due to the lack of toilets, the dropout rate for girls was high, however through installing new toilets and setting up IT classes to teach IT skills, the dropout rates has dropped, and the school have begun recognizing academically strong students with awards.
The school currently has 450 students. Previously, there was no electricity in the school, however through installing solar panels on the roof, electricity is now available allowing use of fans and laptops.


Pictured below are the teachers from Momoyama Gakuin High School with students who welcomed them

A Hindu ceremony was conducted in front of the newly constructed classroom, praying for the safety and improvement of student’s learning and health.


After the ceremony, the two teachers toured the new classroom and enjoyed interacting with the teachers and students. They received a drawing of Saraswati, the god of study from the school principal and a student representative.


Speech by the 14-year-old student representative:
“Before the new classroom was built, we had to learn in an old classroom with frequent rain leaks and mold,
so we couldn’t concentrate in class and due to the bad environment, many of my classmates would skip school.
However, in the newly constructed classroom, there is now a fan on the ceiling, and it is also clean and bright,
motivating us to learn. I now enjoy studying, thank you so much for your support”
The teachers from Momoyama Gakuin High School also gave a speech in Hindi.
“Our students in Japan worked hard on fundraising activities to improve education quality here in India.
We are honored to see the new classroom.”


The teachers took a photo with the students in front of the newly constructed classroom.
We hope students now have an environment where they can enjoy studying.



We’d like to extend our gratitude to the students and teachers in Momoyama Gakuin High School in helping protect our goal in protecting students’ rights to education in India. Thank you so much!