Daito Kentaku Group Mirai Foundation Grant Presentation


First and foremost, we’d like to express our deepest sympathies to all victims of the heavy rain in July 2020.


Our below projects have been recognized as being eligible for the Daito Kentaku Group Mirai Foundation’s grant, and on Tuesday 14 July, we attended the presentation ceremony in Tokyo.


1.Volunteer – We Day Japan (WE Are the Movement)
2.Humanitarian activities (India, Ecuador)
3.Child Empowerment Project (Talks and seminars during schoolvisits)
4.Projects surrounding our ‘We Education Programme’
5.Take Action Camp (Available with scholarship support)


The Daito Kentaku Group Mirai Foundation collects donations from employees, companies and shareholders.


The foundation aims to support the following activities:
Non-profit organisations’ activities regarding ‘regional revitalization’ and ‘disaster recovery’, ‘Fukushima Sakura Project’ with their activities supporting the Tohoku region’s recovery, and revitalizing regional communities and economies.


To find out more, visit:


The grants we receive will be used towards supporting these activities.
We plan on giving you updates about our activities in our blogs and newsletters.


Thank you for your continued support.